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Berkshire Archery Society

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Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:03 pm

Could anyone tell me how fixed or interchangeable the names "Archers", "Archery Club" and "Archery Society" are, I have often wondered when trying to identify archery club buttons.
For instance I have early 19th century sheet music dedicated to Mrs Merry and the ladies of Berkshire archery society - would this be the Berkshire Archers found in the AA's Archery Societies and Clubs or could it be a different group.

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Re: Berkshire Archery Society

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Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:34 pm

Generally I would say that the only time a name would change would be when a club or Society folded and was then later revived. The use of Society tended to be in earlier days with the use of club being more modern. However the use of just Archers extends over a long period . I cannot say which group was being referred to as you can see there were several Berks Archers - some of date unknown and others around 1877-78 As you can also see nothing is known of the members, ground or rounds shot for any of these groups. It may possibly be that Thomas Waring in his treatise was referring to one of the other Berks archers (N.S.E or W) and that a fifth one actually never existed. It is fascinating that you have a sheet of music dedicated to the ladies. It was not uncommon for Societies to to have songs written for them. Do the words give any other clues ?

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