A new Agincourt song

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A new Agincourt song

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As well as being a member of the society I am a singer/songwriter and have a song about Agincourt. To mark the 600 anniversary of the battle in October 25th 2015, I have posted a live video of the song on Youtube. http://www.raycooper.org
The song tells the story of the battle and the following victory parade through the eyes of an ordinary archer. It is called 'The Grey Goose Wing'. I realise now I have inadvertently stolen the title from the book of the same name by the late EG Heath, I hope he will forgive me that.
The song is taken from my first album 'Tales of Love War and Death by Hanging' which is available mail order from many outlets including Amazon. Ray Cooper

The Grey Goose Wing

Neck stroke! Sir Thomas cried and threw his baton high
We drew our bows and loosed a cloud that stained the autumn sky
We had no choice to fight that day outnumbered three to one
We’d marched too far into their land and couldn't run
We put our trust in shafts of ash, fletched with the grey goose wing
We formed a line and turned to face, whatever fate could fling.

They bowed their heads they cursed and prayed as the cloud with goose wings flew
The maddened host attacked us then just as we wished them to.
Next day the field was black with crows that fed on dead men's eyes
No Christian could see such sights and not be moved to cry

And now we’re back on London bridge and all the choirs sing
We throw our bonnets in the air and say
‘It’s all for the whistling of the grey goose wing!’

A thousand maidens dressed in white threw leaves of laurel green
They praise us not for bringing peace but bringing victory
These people love a foreign war, that’s far away from home
Till they get sick of losing sons and hope that one day peace, will come.

When good King Henry came to town he rode a small grey mare
So humbly to compare himself to our sweet saviour
And through the crowds he bowed his head in all humility
But he took the credit anyway for our great victory
And when we got to London wall and heard the tumult roar
By God they made more noise than all the host on that field of Agincourt

And I’ll see you in the Bag-O-Nails and in our cups we’ll tell our tales
To every wide eyed barfly in the room
We’ll give 'em what they want to hear as long as they bring wine and beer
We'll tell 'em why the bells of London ring
It's all for the whistling of the grey goose wing!

They threw laurel leaves
Green laurel leaves
Not for peace but for the victory
Laurel leaves
Sweet laurel leaves
Sweet victory.

Words Ray Cooper
Music Ray Cooper/traditional, incorporating elements of the original anonymous Agincourt carol.

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