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Recent new publications

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 10:52 am
by Jan H. Sachers
In the last few years a number of books on archery have been published which may have gone largely unnoticed by the international community. Therefore I'd like to point you towards a few interesting titles, such as:

H. Wiethase: Àta Èpe – Bows, Arrows and Archery of Africa, Wiethase-Verlag 2016.
H. Wiethase: World of Arrows – Arrows of the World, Wiethase-Verlag 2017.
H. Wiethase: Bows and Arrows of the Indian Subcontinent, Wiethase-Verlag 2019.
H. Wiethase: Bows and Arrows, Blowpipes and Spears of Oceania, Wiethase-Verlag 2020.
B.F. Adler: The Arrows of Northern Asia (English edition of Bruno F. Adler's classical study from 1901), Wiethase-Verlag.
J. Haubner: The Power of the Bow. The History of Japanese Archery as mirrored in Ancient Woodcut Prints, Verlag Angelika Hörnig 2020.

There is also a fairly recent publication called "War Bows" by Mike Loades, which incorporates most of his earlier books The Longbow, The Composite Bow, and The Crossbow, plus an additional section on The Yumi, into a large hardcover volume.

Disclaimer: All the publications should be available from any bookshop, or online shop. Links however lead to my own humble little online business.

Re: Recent new publications

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2021 7:05 pm
by Jan H. Sachers
Another one:
M. Klomp: Klomp Arrowhead Typology / Klomp pijlpunten typologie. A new typology of historical arrowheads (medieval to modern), based mainly on archaeological finds from the Netherlands.