World Traditional Archery Association

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World Traditional Archery Association

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Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:52 am

In Korea at the World Traditional Archery Festival, it was decided to found an association to promote and protect traditional archery worldwide. There were archers from all the inhabited continents, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America.

Rather than as official delegates of the countries represented, we decided to vote as individuals to found the association. This was because the official representatives did not all have the permission of their associations to commit themselves to the organisation.

The goals of the association were to promote and preserve traditional archery. As many of you can see, this is a quite complicated agenda. There are many surviving traditional archery practices which present no problem. However, what happens when someone wishes to revive a lost art? We see ourselves as a resource for people looking for knowledge of traditional archery. The Society of Archer-Antiquaries is one of the greatest potential sources of knowledge for archery traditions that might have died out. Over the many years I have been a member, I have benefited by sharing the accumulated knowledge of the Society and its members through the Journal, the newsletter and personal contacts. I hope that the WTAA can be conduit for knowledge coming into the Society and also a place where the Society's valuable research can be appreciated.

The World Traditional Archery Association has not finalised its articles of association yet, but as soon as they are published I will notify the Society and this Forum.

There were a number of S A-A members at the initial meeting so I know that there will be many shared interests pursued.


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