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Dear members,

for those of you who use PayPal in order to send your subscription, may I request that you do two things:

Please make the payment in GBP (£ sterling) and also tick the appropriate box to designate the transaction either as "Personal Payment Owed" or I think in some countries it says "Family and friends" In other words it is not a commercial transaction. These points are crucial if the Society is to avoid paying charges to PayPal and thus losing vital funds.

Thank you Adminstrator

An update on "how to"
More members are now using PayPal to send their subscriptions, and this is helpful for all concerned. However, unless the correct procedures are followed, PayPal charges for the transaction and the Society loses a percentage.
Every year the Society loses around £30 to £40 this way.
So… This is what you do
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Send Money near the top of the page.
3. Enter the email address of the recipient and the amount and currency of the payment.
4. Choose Personal and then select a reason for the money being sent from the options given.
i.e. I am sending money to family or friends
5. Click Continue.
6. Review your payment details including the payment method and currency. (To change details, click the Change link in the relevant section.)
7. Review your postage information and add a message to the recipient (optional).
It would greatly help us if you were to say here what the money is for - it might be for a book, or a fee for a friend
8. Click Send Money to complete the payment.


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